Expo Events

Thousands of Miles Rally: Quest for Asian Tribute


Time: February 1, 2015 through May 1, 2015


Tour from different countries of Asia, to find the best of Asian tribute through earth, seed, handicrafts, silk, cuisine, ethnic

clothing, pottery, heritage, species etc which portray the five senses along the journey , finishing at the EXPO in Milan. 

These will be showcased at JooMoo’s Corridor of Five Senses



Use social media as the mainstream platform

Corporate Partnership with China Tour, Tencent Outdoor

Establishing thematic scope with a network of Asian portals

Collaboration with search engines such as google and baidu to establish adword frequency


Asia’s major websites/portals, wechat, sina, tencent, facebook, blogs, and corporate websites, Tencent Outdoor, China 

Tour,CCTV, Travel Channel, major automobile brands and more Expected Results:Enhance the knowledge and 

participation of automobile users towards JooMoo Asian Tribute Pavilion Showcase of more attractive Asian Tributes

 at EXPO Milano 2015.

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