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“EXPO MILANO 2015 THEME SONG”&“ASIAN TRIBUTE Theme Song”Global Submission

Implementing Time:November 1, 2014~March 31, 2015
Promoting EXPO Milano’s world influence through music
1)collecting lyrics and composition through internet portals and online submission

2)collaborating with record companies to shortlist theme song and invite international artists to perform in various

3)Shorlist and recommend to the EXPO Committee through expert and public judges
4)Create a EXPO themed movie
and its theme song
5)Broadcast through internet, radio, TV and cinema
1)Submission sequence:
Collaborating with Asia’s internet mainstreams to build a theme zone through TV channels, radio and uploading onto

 JooMoo platform.
2)Broadcast sequence:
iTunes, Channel V, QQ Music, MTV, Baidu Music, YouKu, QiYi, Youtube etc
iTunes、Channel V、MTV、QQ music、Baidu Music、Duomi Music、youku、QiYi、YouTube、sina、Tencent、

facebook、major record companies, music copyrights companies, TV and radio stations

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