Expo Events

Amazing Asia

Overview:“Amazing Asia“. Through the major media platform in each country, voting will be made on the best of

Asia’s cuisine, voice, texture, fragrance and visual experience. The result will be published and revealed at EXPO 

Method:Online voting, Media announcement, showcase at JooMoo Pavilion and giveaways

Medium:JooMoo Pavilion, major press and internet media

Partner:Tourism Board in various countries, cross-cultural exchange centers, trade agencies, major press and internet


Implementing Time:2014.11.20-2015.4.30

Expected Result:(1)Maximizing the usage of media power to promote the mission of EXPO, thus increase ticket



                   (2)Increase participation of visitors and help companies to promote. Increase participation of companies

to increase ticket sales.

Coverage:4~5 major countries in Asia。


Budget:RMB 12,000,000--15,000,000

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