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Yell out Your Love


Time: November 1, 2014 through October 31, 2015

Attract more tourists and companies to participate actively at the EXPO. We expect to make JooMoo Pavilion the most

influential with positive energy at the EXPO Milano 2015. This will be the only pavilion to spread love, peace and

1)Through internet, corporate platform involving participation from the nation.
2)Recruiting 30 sec multimedia such as video, audio, image surrounding the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy of Life”

to spread positive messages to the world.
3)Through online voting to build a greater social impact by short-listing the best of 250,000 portfolios, which are to be 

showcased on the JooMoo outdoor screens.
10)Use social media as the mainstream platform
11)Corporate Partnership
12)Establishing thematic scope with a network of Asian portals
13)Collaboration with search engines such as google and baidu to establish adword frequency
14)Uploading of portfolios onto JooMoo.com platform which would then be showcased on the outdoor screens
Asia’s major websites/portals, wechat, sina, tencent, facebook, blogs, and corporate websites
Expected Results:
8)Enhance the visibility of EXPO amongst the public
9)Attract around 250,000 Asian participants to the EXPO
10)Through personal participation to strengthen the influence of EXPO
11)Effectively promote the Asian brands and companies which may directly increase the sales of entrance tickets.
12)Provide a more efficient sales platform for EXPO tickets.
Coverage: The whole of Asia

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