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The Taste of ASIA


Overview:“The Taste of Asia ”。Invite renowned food critics and food bloggers in search of the best foods within Asia and make 

recommendation, revealing the list on major media and make appearance at EXPO 

Method:Food network and TV program, media announcement, projection at JooMoo Pavilion, showcase of the best of Asian cuisines

 at the pavilion, performance related to food


Medium:JooMoo Pavilion; Shanghai sister pavilion


Partner:Online ratin in each country, food magazine such as TimeOut, major food companies in different countries


Implementing period:2014.11.20-2015.10.30


Expected Result:(1)Create public awareness about EXPO through foodies 2) Increase contents of the pavilion thus attracting visitors to 

stay longer


Coverage: Major countries in Asia


Budget:RMB 12,000,000--15,000,000

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