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Rediscovering Asia: Experience the Five Senses

Overview:“Rediscovering Asia, Experience the Five Senses”. Invite celebrities and bloggers to become the “discoverer” 

of five senses, i.e. vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, to explore and recommend the best of cuisines, sound, texture,

fragrance, and visual effect, to be made into a TV program and release at EXPO to let more people experience.


Method:12-series TV program, media annoucement, projection at JooMoo Pavilion, Amazing Asia showcase and sales


Medium:JooMoo Pavilion、JooMoo Shanghai Pavilion, Travel Satellite TV, Dongfang Satellite TV


Partner:Major tourism boards、major media。


Implementing Period:2014.11.20-2015.4.30


Expected Result:(1)Create public awareness about EXPO through public lifestyle 2) Increase contents of the pavilion

thus attracting visitors to stay longer


Coverage:4~5 countries in Asia。


Budget:RMB 8,000,000--12,000,000

Details of Five Senses


Hearing——The Voice of Asia:Collecting voice and laguages, including local instruments unique to the countries of

Japan, Korea, East and West side of China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,

Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. These  will be played throughout the day and night along with continual video 

showcasing the interaction between natural environment, daily life images and the body language of each ethnic group


Visual——The Magic of Asia:Showcasing the craftsmanship of Asia in terms of jewelry and fashion apparels, 

lifestyle of different groups in various country celebrating fiestas unique to their country to give a powerful visual effect


Smell——The Fragrance of Asia:Design of capsules to put in various plants, herbs, spices, aroma to let visitors 

experience the fragrance unique to each country




Touch——The Temperature and texture of Asia: Different tribes from every country offer unique textiles and materials in

making of their clothing, musical instruments, sculptures, ceramicware and embroideries. Through these, one can

experience the temperature and texture


Taste——The Taste of Asia:This is the most attractive section amongst the tourists. There will be live show on how

food and drinks are made, for example, Noodles Rally, 50 types of Must-Drink Wine from Asia, Tasting of ingredients

from various countries, the sale of packaged food and gifts, which can be replicated to other pavilions and city in future.

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