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EXPO 2015 Movie《Holiday in Milan》

Theme:Love, Romance, Lifestyle, Shopping, Leisure, Travel




Location: Being City of Fashion and City of Romance, Milan is the perfect location to film a love story “Holiday in 

Milan”.Both director and actor/actresses would be selected from Asia, with story surrounding the city’s best spots,

food, shopping,thus enhancing the tourism in Italy. Various product placement can be used in the movie to promote 




Theme Press Conference:Press conference can increase the visibility of EXPO. A series of press conference include: 

Theme conference, premiere. 



Medium:2500cinemas in China with 25000 screens, internet screening, 400million young Chinese viewers. 



Organizer:JooMoo “Holiday in Milan” Committee 



Co-Organizer:Italian Tourism Board, Milan City Government, Milan EXPO Committee, Southern China Airlines, 

Hong Kong-China Tour, Movie Distribution Agency




Implementing Period: 

September~October 31, 2014            Script Synopsis


          November~December 31, 2014          Script Preparation


          January~March, 2015                  Shooting 

          March~April 30, 2015             Post Production


          May 2015                        Premiere   



Expected Result:Boosting Italian tourism; let more people know more about EXPO and through the movie to visit

 EXPO and Milan. EXPO ticket and movie ticket shall be packaged as one to increase the sales of EXPO tickets.




Budget: 6 million EURO

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