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EXPO “Mayor Forum”


Forum Theme: Sustainability, Cultural Entertainment, Tourism, Urban Planning, Green Building, Economics, Social 

Stability, Resources and Biodiversity


Forum Method: Being the ruler of a city, Mayor is also a city’s spokesperson. Using the platform of EXPO, we will 

invite mayors of 260 major cities from the world to come to Milan to promote each city while forming dialogs and 

exchange through forums. EXPO lasts for 26 weeks, and every Friday will be set as a Mayor Forum. Ten mayors 

from various cities will participate at each forum. The mayor shall lead government officers and entrepreneurs of 

each country to participate in a dialog to promote the city’s economic activities, culture, tourism and trades. This 

will be a platform for mayors to exchange ideas on urban development while exploring collaboration in trades, 

investments, resources, tourism, technology between each cities. Satellite city or sister cities may be explored 

through this forum




Publicity:Leveraging on EXPO roadshow in different cities to create a press conference on the forum; EXPO 

Committee and Mayor representatives shall participate to make this forum more influential




Forum Time:May 1~October 31, 2015 



Medium:JooMoo Pavilion, JooMoo Shanghai sister pavilion, CCT, Shanghai Eastern Satellite TV, Sina Net 

Organizer:JooMoo “EXPO Mayor Forum” Committee 



Co-Organizer:China Mayor Association, Japan Mayor Association, Korea Mayor Association, and other Mayor

 association in Asia 



Time and Method:May 1~October 31, 2015,Every Friday; 10 mayors to be invited in each forum,; total 26 weeks

 with 260 mayors. This will be broadcasted on Shanghai Eastern Satellite TV and Sina Net, as a specific TV program 



Expected Result:Elevating the influence of EXPO and increase the image of each city internationally, while allowing 

each city to learn from one another the success story which in turn exploring business opportunity


Budget:100K EURO each forum; 26 weeks for

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